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Protecting you and your home 24/7 from power outages.


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The cost is about the same when

What type of generator should I invest in?


Diesel    or   Gaseous (liquid propane/natural gas)


The equipment cost is about the same when factoring in the fuel tank cost and installation required for a gaseous unit.


Diesel units are self contained and do not need an extra tank.


Diesel burns about 75% less fuel then a gaseous generator.


Gaseous has no shelf life for fuel compared to diesel which has a 2 year shelf life.


Natural Gas generators are meter based (pay as you go) fuel.


LP and Diesel fuel is paid for in bulk deliveries.


Diesel fuel is more reliable and readily available than LP. (Liquid Propane).


Diesel generators are easier to maintain than gaseous generators.


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Central Florida Power Systems, Inc. is a Screened & Approved Pro