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Why should I have a commercial backup generator?

Power outages are frequent in Central Florida
Power Back On After Widespread Outages Hit Florida: Tuesday, February 26, 2008 10:52:31 PM

The lights were back on over most of South and Central Florida after a massive power outage left thousands in the dark Tuesday afternoon. As many as 3 million people were affected at the height of the outage, stretching from Daytona Beach all the way south, to the Florida Keys.  The outage caused some chaos in South Florida Tuesday after traffic lights at some busy intersections went dark for hours. The state also activated its emergency operations center, but despite what happened, the Department of Homeland Security said the outages had no connection to terrorism.iStock_000008542303XSmall

Ref news 13

This an example of what has and can happen at any time with the out dated supply of electrical power and the need for more. We live in the lighting capital of the world and storms cause more power outages than hurricanes. Is your business ready for a power failure? Power loss can be costly for your business.

  • Your Business closes
  • Inventory can be lost.
  • Air conditioners shutdown which can lead to mold in a short time.
  • Computer systems crash.
  • Phones will not be answered.
  • And worse your coffee will get cold.

Insurance may cover some losses but what is you and your employees time worth.

Whatever business you are in a power loss can be expensive. Some businesses have been shut down for days and weeks. With a commercial backup power generator your business keeps running, your customers are served; your employees can keep working, your insurance rates can be reduced in most cases and most of all you show your clients you are the one on top and ready to serve. CFPS can advise you on the right system to meet your needs during a power outage. From essential capacity to full capacity Central Florida Power Systems will help you select the best commercial power generator, install the power generator and set you up on a program where you will never feel powerless again. CFPS installs and services commercial backup generators in Orlando and beyond the Tri county area through out Florida.

Let CFPS recommend, install, and service the right power generator for your business.

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If you have a Generac Generator in need of repair, CFPS will get it running again. We also sell Generac generator parts and usually have them in stock. CFPS is now an authorized Briggs & Stratton/GE dealer.

Central Florida Power Systems:has been installing and servicing residential and commercial generators through out Central Florida for years. Both residents and businesses have learned to rely on the generator service and recommendations of CFPS.

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The cost is about the same when

What type of generator should I invest in?


Diesel    or   Gaseous (liquid propane/natural gas)


The equipment cost is about the same when factoring in the fuel tank cost and installation required for a gaseous unit.


Diesel units are self contained and do not need an extra tank.


Diesel burns about 75% less fuel then a gaseous generator.


Gaseous has no shelf life for fuel compared to diesel which has a 2 year shelf life.


Natural Gas generators are meter based (pay as you go) fuel.


LP and Diesel fuel is paid for in bulk deliveries.


Diesel fuel is more reliable and readily available than LP. (Liquid Propane).


Diesel generators are easier to maintain than gaseous generators.


Call CFPS and we will guide you on the best application for your needs. 407-323-0133

Central Florida Power Systems, Inc. is a Screened & Approved Pro